Recently I had to deal with a situation that I’ve some how managed to avoid for a surprisingly long time: merge conflicts due to mismatched binary files, in this case image files. Now Git being Git, there are a number of equally viable ways of resolving any given problem - and thinking back, I do slightly regret not giving more time to investigating the arguably cool-sounding git mergetool. In general, binary files can be a bit of headache with Git due to the difficulty of dealing with their diffs. This can be a cause for concern due to the need to manually resolve some issues further down the line, although there is help out there.

That said, diffs aren’t so much a problem with image files. In my case, I made use of git checkout using the --ours and --theirs options, for instance git checkout --ours -- myfile.png. Appending one or the other option to git checkout allows you to checkout your or their committed file respectively. This saves you the effort of resolving the merge conflict manually.

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Tom Martin

Data scientist, London, UK