I’ve spent the past few days sorting out my configuration for a new macbook, one hurdle has been sorting out my Sublime development environment. Users of Sublime Text, myself included, do not typically use symlinked dotfiles to store their settings as is discussed here, but rather copy over settings files wholesale.

The simplest and safest way - it may not be wise to copy plugins - to do so,

  1. From your old workstation, make a copy of your current Preferences.sublime-settings and Package Control.sublime-settings both of which should be found in Packages/User/, and send to your new workstation,
  2. From your new workstation, install Package Control,
  3. Place the two copied files in the User directory.

My particular story did not end there: On an initial startup of Sublime I was greeted with alert “The package specified, Jasmine, is not available” or in other words we have a reference to a defunct package. To fix this, I deleted the named package from Package Control.sublime-settings.

Of course this is perhaps the most labour intensive way about it. Having searched around after the fact there are many alternatives to automate the process including this shell script.

All the best,


Tom Martin

Data scientist, London, UK