Updates and Whatnot

Hopefully I’ll be in a position to post actual factual content soon enough, so yay!

In the meantime I thought it would be useful to list all the resources I’ve used so far to get my blog in the state you see it in now.

Behind the scenes, I’ve added Thor following pretty much the same steps as per the linked blog post. Pretty obviously, this speeds up my workflow just a bit: getting rid of the need to add all the front matter by hand. One issue that I came across was how best to create nice looking URLs for each blog post. I haven’t found a definite answer so far, my solution was to add to my jekyll.thor file,

# Other code
  post.puts "permalink: \"#{title.downcase.gsub!(/\s/,'-')}\""
# More code

where title is the name I give the post from the command line. The permalink for each page will simply be constructed out of the title rather than the entire file name including the date. I’m using the jekyll-sitemap gem to automatically generate a sitemap for SEO goodness. Finally, maybe stating the obvious, but I’m hosting using GitHub Pages, for cost and ease of use with Github.

Upfront stuff: I’m really happy with the overall look and feel of the dbyll theme, looks great on mobile and easy to customise. I changed my gravatar using Pixen, ultimately I want to graduate to a decent looking 16 bit cat.

I purchased my domain name through Namecheap and followed the steps here.

Most of the other setup including adding Disqus and adding Google analytics went pretty much as per the available documentation. Further instruction can be found here. Other than that, there’s always this handy documentation.

All in all, it was a good learning experience with a shallow learning curve. I’d like to add more functionality in the future, but for the time being I need to make a start on content. Feel free to add in helpful pointers.


Hello World!

Hello there plucky internet user, this is my blog!

I am a junior developer working in London, UK with experience in Ruby, JavaScript and Python. This blog is very much in the spirit of personal/professional development insofar as many people, both older and wiser than I, preach the importance of deliberate and consistent application of oneself cough Cal Newport.

More about me, I’m very new to the world of development but have throughly enjoyed my experiences so far. I have gone through the increasing popular route of not majoring in computer science and instead going through a bootcamp at the start of this year. London is a very vibrant and exciting place to work as a developer, with a bustling startup scene and numerous meetups to boot.

If this blog has left you wanting more from yours truly, I tweet – or more accurately retweet, details, details – a fair bit as well as all the usual razzamatazz, see sidebar.

I hope to use this blog to write about technologies or techniques be they practical or more theoretical (not a CompSci major). Hopefully you too will be able to profit from this journey, so let’s get started!